Sunday, June 23, 2013

Rocky Point Ice Cream

On a cloudy Sunday evening in Port Moody, Ryan and I took a walk to Rock Point Park to try out Rocky Point Ice Cream.

I've seen their super cute ice cream truck at Rocky Point Park all spring while they were building the store front, so I was excited to try out the store.

The shop carries ice cream, banana splits, sundaes, smoothies, milkshakes, ice cream bars, freshly baked waffle cones (plain, dipped and rolled!), plus coffee of course.

When we went there, it was pretty quiet since it was kind of ugly out, but I can totally see it becoming a popular spot since it's right next to the water park, Pajo's and the pier.

Friday, June 7, 2013

The 'Thigh Gap'

Woah, sorry, I haven't blogged in almost a year. That is really shameful! At any rate, some of you may know this already but I am getting married in November so, I've been back at the gym sweating, lifting and sweating some more!

It's really awesome, I have to admit I slacked off a bit after moving to Port Moody 2 years ago. Mostly because...well, I got lazy. At any rate, having been out of the fitness scene for 2 years, a lot of things have changed! Some positive, some negative.

I am loving the Strong is the New Skinny trend for women! It's awesome to know woman are now going to the gym to be fit, and strong and not just to look like Kate Moss. The thing I am enjoying the most lately is lifting heavier weights.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Things Your Cat Will Never Use

I still remember the following day as if it was yesterday:

I was shopping for some cat food when I saw a gorgeous cat bed. It was soft, it had clean lines and the colour even matched my furniture. Finally, I can get my cat to sleep on something other than my fresh laundry pile.

I excitedly brought it home and set it up...and Sophie ignored it. She didn't even sniff it. Fine, I'll just pick her up and put her in it, she'll get the idea. Nope. She runs away from it as if I just put her on a hot stove. To this day, she has never slept in it, she doesn't even sit in it. Once upon a time, I tried rubbing cat nip on it and putting kitty treats in it. She actually picked up the treat from the bed and brought them out of the bed and ate them right by the bed. Yup. It now sits in storage, I will likely donate it to the local shelter one day.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Shut Up and Take My Money

This post comes to you late at night after 3 hours of wedding planning research, so please excuse any typos/ranting. And in case you didn't know, Ryan and I got engaged about two weeks ago. Yay us!

Now comes the fun/stressful planning, which leads to the picture to the left. I am sure it is no surprise to anyone but wow weddings are expensive. Like down payment on a house expensive (well...not in Vancouver) . Price of a nice car expensive. It seems the moment you put wedding in front of anything the price jumps up exponentially. You want flowers? Sure that'll be $50 for a bouquet. Oh you mean a wedding bouquet? That will be $150.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Face Creams

Ever since I was a kid, my mother has stressed the importance of a proper skin care regimen. I dutifully wash my face in the morning and night with a proper cleanser, use toner, moisturizer and eye cream/gels. The only thing we disagree on was sunscreen in our day creams. This is because she uses sunscreen and tons of it. I have combination skin, so I hate feeling that icky, slick mess on my face all day. Plus, I end up with so much shine, I could be my own walking disco ball.

I pretty much just ignored my mother and her crazy sun fearing ways until very recently (timed around when I found my first gray hair). So the search began for a proper day cream with a SPF that didn't leave me feeling like a walking frying pan. At first, I tried what my mom used but obviously her being more matured it was just too oily.