Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Shut Up and Take My Money

This post comes to you late at night after 3 hours of wedding planning research, so please excuse any typos/ranting. And in case you didn't know, Ryan and I got engaged about two weeks ago. Yay us!

Now comes the fun/stressful part...wedding planning, which leads to the picture to the left. I am sure it is no surprise to anyone but wow weddings are expensive. Like down payment on a house expensive (well...not in Vancouver) . Price of a nice car expensive. It seems the moment you put wedding in front of anything the price jumps up exponentially. You want flowers? Sure that'll be $50 for a bouquet. Oh you mean a wedding bouquet? That will be $150.

Being a good bride to be, I am doing a lot of research and seriously Pinterest is just evil (I haven't decided in a good way or bad way yet). I get sucked into this wedding black hole and don't resurface for hours. Once I get bored of looking at one detail (invites, colours, venue. etc.), I can start looking at something else (decor, dresses, favours, etc.). It just doesn't stop!

Pinterest gives me a lot of great ideas, but a lot of those ideas are also crazy $$$. Why? Shouldn't it have more DIY cheap ideas since it's Pinterest? There are some but a lot of people are pinning their dream wedding or their perfect wedding, so those tend to be out of stuff like Style Me Pretty or other crazy wedding photo shoots. I do suppose they are good to look at for inspiration.

If I did have the money to do whatever I want, my wedding would look something like this:

And the reception would look like this:

So at any rate, a girl can dream! Sure gives me something to work towards. I am busy planning away, I am sure I'll update with random rants and mental breakdowns.

P.S. If you are a long lost rich relative who wants to get into my good books, you know what to do!

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