Thursday, August 9, 2012

Things Your Cat Will Never Use

I still remember the following day as if it was yesterday:

I was shopping for some cat food when I saw a gorgeous cat bed. It was soft, it had clean lines and the colour even matched my furniture. Finally, I can get my cat to sleep on something other than my fresh laundry pile.

I excitedly brought it home and set it up...and Sophie ignored it. She didn't even sniff it. Fine, I'll just pick her up and put her in it, she'll get the idea. Nope. She runs away from it as if I just put her on a hot stove. To this day, she has never slept in it, she doesn't even sit in it. Once upon a time, I tried rubbing cat nip on it and putting kitty treats in it. She actually picked up the treat from the bed and brought them out of the bed and ate them right by the bed. Yup. It now sits in storage, I will likely donate it to the local shelter one day.

At any rate, the reason I thought about this was because of @MichaelKwan.

He sent me the following item today on Twitter yesterday:

In case you can't tell, this is a cat tunnel sofa. Your fine feline friend can crawl around and hang out with you on your couch. My first reaction: "What a brilliant idea!" But like Michael himself said, knowing cats, they will likely have NO interest in the tunnel. Sophie is more likely to sleep on the back of the couch.

Which brings me to the thought, what other items do we buy for our cats but they will probably never use. I give you...the three top items your cat will never use:

1. DJ cat scratcher. I mean I even have to explain? Just look at it, your cat will likely shred the sofa right next to this, rather than use it.

 2. Any type of interactive cat toy/food dispenser situation. Because your cat will merely look at you with a "WTF, feed me B*&^!" look. This is after all how it got to be 20 lbs in the first place, no?
3. Cat oral hygiene kit. Um..yeah good luck. You may want to do write your own will before using this item.

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