Friday, June 7, 2013

The 'Thigh Gap'

Woah, sorry, I haven't blogged in almost a year. That is really shameful! At any rate, some of you may know this already but I am getting married in November so, I've been back at the gym sweating, lifting and sweating some more!

It's really awesome, I have to admit I slacked off a bit after moving to Port Moody 2 years ago. Mostly because...well, I got lazy. At any rate, having been out of the fitness scene for 2 years, a lot of things have changed! Some positive, some negative.

I am loving the Strong is the New Skinny trend for women! It's awesome to know woman are now going to the gym to be fit, and strong and not just to look like Kate Moss. The thing I am enjoying the most lately is lifting heavier weights.
It really has made a huge difference in how my body looks. I have a naturally athletic body type so I build muscle pretty easily and I still don't look like she-hulk. Ladies rest assured you can lift heavy without look like a dude! I have muscles and I love how I can do stuff like carry 4 bags of groceries and not ask for Ryan's help moving stuff around! Check this out! Biceps, I have biceps!

Negative (and the reason I wrote this post)
The "thigh gap". Holy crap, I see the #thighgap hash tag a lot on instagram, Twitter and social media channels I follow for fitness inspiration. Women of all ages seems to think this is the ideal. First of all, miss Victoria secret model up there...has a really specific body type! That's why she's a model. Some woman (and most 13 year old teenagers) have this 'gap' but for most woman this goal is totally unattainable and a crappy fitness goal. Why? I came across this great article online that tells you why from Nancy Ho aka @nansiepants. Seriously ladies, let's change this obsession, its 2013. While I am on the topic, let's get ride of the lose 50 lbs in 3 months goals or have collar bones sticking out skinny goals.

How about healthy fitness goals like:
Do an entire hot yoga class without lying down
Try to go meatless one day a week for the summer
Be able to open that jar of pickles without running it under hot water
Finally be able to do the crow pose in yoga
Train and run a half marathon
Try to buy local and organic as much as I can
Go up the Grouse Grind in under an hour
Go for a walk around the block once a week with mom :)

Ladies, it's high time we stop being so harsh on ourselves and start worrying about fitness and health for the long term instead of crash diets and being 'skinny'. I am on the fitness train, you should join me, the view is much better here, and we can have cookies [occasionally on cheat days :)]!


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