Sunday, June 23, 2013

Rocky Point Ice Cream

On a cloudy Sunday evening in Port Moody, Ryan and I took a walk to Rock Point Park to try out Rocky Point Ice Cream.

I've seen their super cute ice cream truck at Rocky Point Park all spring while they were building the store front, so I was excited to try out the store.

The shop carries ice cream, banana splits, sundaes, smoothies, milkshakes, ice cream bars, freshly baked waffle cones (plain, dipped and rolled!), plus coffee of course.

When we went there, it was pretty quiet since it was kind of ugly out, but I can totally see it becoming a popular spot since it's right next to the water park, Pajo's and the pier.

They have a variety of flavours for both ice cream and sorbetto, including an ice cream for your dog! ;). Flavours range from staples like Mango sorbetto, vanilla ice cream, strawberry ice cream to more fun choices like lemon basil sorbetto, lime mojitos sorbetto, honey lavender ice cream, whiskey hazelnut and maple bacon.

Ice cream and sorbetto are made with local, and organic ingredients when possible and it really shows! I had the lemon basil sorbetto, which I found to be really refreshing and the basil was just enough not to be overwhelming. Ryan had the lime mojitos and the espresso flake ice cream. The mojitos tasted...well like a mojitos and the espresso flake ice cream was buttery and flavourful. Two thumbs up!

We quite enjoyed it and will definitely go back! The only criticism I have is that it is a little pricey for what they are offering and the scoops are rather small. Our totally was just under 9 dollars but the scoops were pretty small. I ordered one scoop and Ryan ordered two scoops. Typically, most ice cream places will let you try two flavours when you buy one scoop but because the portions were so small, I coul donly get one flavour. I really wanted to try the Rocky Point Road (haha...get it?).

Until next time folks :)

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