Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Gym

Maybe it's because I am the all or nothing kind of person, but when I go to the gym, rarely will you see me not sweating or kicking my own arse. So it comes as a surprise when I see people at the gym who...well don't.

Today for example, I was in my building's gym and pounding the treadmill when two girls came in. They looked young, maybe 19 and 17? The older girl was on the bike, but texting the entire time.She barley broke a sweat. By the time I got off the treadmill and got into my weights, she was still texting and barley biking. Then she spent about 10 minutes looking and examining herself in the mirror, adjusting her hair, checking out her side get the idea.

The other one freaked me out the most. She just sat and bounced on the exercise ball the entire time. Like her friend (sister?), she also spent a lot time staring at herself in the mirror, and adjusting her hair. To give her credit, she did occasionally stretch. The mirror staring really creeped me out. I never recalled being that obsessed with my looks when I was so young. Sure, I was vain like every other teenage girl, but to stare at oneself with such concentration and intensity is something I have honestly never done. Even now.

Is this obsession with every pore, ever strand of hair, every body part common with young girls now? If this is true, this makes me very, very sad. What makes me sadder still is their parents have not told these girls that their self worth is more than just their bodies and looks. *Le sigh* I hope I am making an assumption and these girls are just having an 'off' day.

On a happier note...from the Oatmeal: At the gym: who is looking at whom

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