Saturday, August 20, 2011

Reply VS Reply all

There are days when I have to resist sending an email calling people out on their horrible email etiquette and telling them to never send me an email again.

My biggest email pet peeve of all is: "Reply All"

Please for the love of pete, use "Reply All" sparingly.  Think: “Does EVERYONE on this list need to know what I am about to say?” And "Are my comments really SO funny/important that EVERYONE will find it amusing/informative." 95% of the time....the answer is NO!

Sure, you think what you have to say is important but do I really need to know you have your cousin Joe's wedding next weekend and can't make the dinner party?  The host needs to know, but the rest of us?!  I am sure if your presence is integral to the dinner party, the host would have worked around your schedule. As hard it is to believe, I don’t care if you are coming to the party or not. Shocking, I know.

The thing that bothers me the most about "Reply All" is: once ONE person replies all, everyone else does too. It is now obligatory that everyone RSVPs with a "Reply All".  Before you know it, I have gotten 30 emails with people saying whether or not they can make it.  Argh!  Delete!

Seriously people.  Fix this.

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