Sunday, April 8, 2012

Late Night Infomercials

If you are like me and suffer from occasional insomnia, late night TV commercials/infomercials invariable become a common friend. They are often cheesy, poorly written and totally lame. This makes them extra funny at 2 am on a Tuesday.

Below are a few select commercials that make me laugh, hope you guys get a kick out of them too.

First up..Trendy Tops. The most uncomfortable looking thing ever. And I love how they use a model with no love handles or tummy for the 'after' shot:

Next up..the classic, Slap Chop. Everyone needs one:

And introducing...the Tiddy Bear:

Last and certainly not the least entertaining...the Potty Putter:

Who comes up with this stuff? Whoever you are, thank you for providing me hours of entertainment!

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