Friday, August 5, 2011

True UGH!

Dear True Blood, I am giving you a serious warning. We are breaking up Sunday night if this season does not get better.

I have been a fan since the series first came out a couple of years ago. Last season, I would be home every Sunday night before 6 pm because I didn't want to wait for the western feed. That was how much of a fan I was (yes past tense). I mean I even got a Merlotte's waitress outfit for my Halloween costume.

Well, what happened? Two words. Lame Eric. Well there is a lot more wrong with this season but Lame Eric is my main beef. Listen, I get he lost his memory, I read the books. I have read every Charlene Harris book. But in the books he just doesn't come off so...unsexy. I mean honestly, he might as well be 10. I don't find the Sookie Eric relationship this season to be working at all. She treats him like a child...and really Lame Eric is just...lame.

WARNING Spoilers Ahead....
The first kiss scene? Underwhelming. Are we in the Twilight Saga or something? It should be more Notebook than Twilight. If you haven't watched The Notebook a) you should, b) the scene I am referring to is here (skip to 3:40 if you just want the good stuff). Yeeeah. See? Hot.

Do I even have to mention how disappointing the Sookie and Eric "moment" was? Honestly, the whole lame thing in the woods? I couldn't help but feel like "That is it?!".

I know, they are supposed to be 'making love' and it is supposed to be all magical. When you have suffered blue balls for a person for 3 seasons...shouldn't it be WAY hotter?!! Clothes should have been torn off, tables broken, maybe some screaming and get my drift.

It was one of the biggest let downs in recent TV memory ever.

I know I have already stated this, but I just can't get over how unattractive Eric is right now. This is the sizzling Eric I remember. There has to be a way to shoot amnesia without turning the sexiest character in a series into a 10 year old man child. Come on Allan Ball!

Don't even get me started on how Tommy, Sam and Arlene got more screen time than Eric, Bill and Sookie in this episode. Who are the main characters again? I plain don't give a rat's ass about Tommy, and Arlene's story line. BORING. I know Allan Ball is trying to be creative and make the show not exactly like the books. But seriously, can you at least make the characters and the story lines YOU make up not so fucking lame?!

It is already half way through season 4 and I am bored. I don't care. I give it one more episode, if by this Sunday it doesn't get better, we are breaking up! I am finding something better to do with my time.


Anonymous said...

Do you still hate it?

Phoenix Lam said... was OK. I wasn't horrible. I am a sucker for cliffhanger endings ;)

Christine Rains said...

At the beginning, I thought amnesiac Eric was kind of cute, but not any more. You're totally right about him being like a child. Just remember, though, it's temporary. He'll revert back to hot Eric soon. Hopefully sooner than later!

Phoenix Lam said...

Please I hope he does revert back to hot Eric!